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Anyone got £40 million to spare?

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If so you could buy Dracula's castle :shock:


The Habsburg family has said it wants to sell a Transylvanian castle, famous for its connections to the 15th-century medieval ruler who inspired Dracula, for £40 million to the local authorities, an attorney said.


The local council says it is interested in buying Bran Castle, but a government minister criticised the price tag, calling it too expensive.


Dominic Habsburg, the owner, insisted the family had honourable intentions. "We are trying to find the best way to preserve the castle in the interest of the family and the people of Bran," Habsburg said.


The castle was returned to Habsburg, a New York architect, on May 26, decades after it was confiscated by the communists from Habsburg's mother, Princess Ileana, in 1948 - the year the royals were forced to leave the country.


After the restitution, concerns were raised that the family could sell the castle to a hotel chain and that the site could end up being the centrepiece of a Dracula theme park that would blight the surrounding, pristine countryside.


The community of Bran, where the fortress was built in the 14th century to help stave off invasion, gave it to Ileana's mother, Queen Marie, in 1920 to thank her for her efforts in unifying the country.


It was briefly associated with Vlad the Impaler, whose cruelty inspired novelist Bram Stoker's creation, the vampire Count Dracula. History says he spent one night there.


Any takers?

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I'd be not far away from where my son and his girlfriend have just bought a 200 year old (derelict) vicarage. That's her home town area :)


Lesley.....erm...... she's not got big white pointy teeth has she....? :wink:


I bet she's not heard that a million times since she moved to England :roll::lol:

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