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Clumsy Chickens?

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After many lovely eggs, we seem to have developed a bit of a problem.

Sometimes, Tilly lays her egs on the bars next to nest box, which has been fine up until this week, because before I could rescue it, the egg has been trampled (or pecked?) and broken. The yolk has still been intact, so I don't think the girls are trying to eat the eggs.

The shells seems to be a bit softer than usual, even though T&L have access to oyster shell and whatever delightful pebbles they find in the garden. (T even had a go at eating a potttery frog!)

Has anyone come across this problem before? Is there anything I can do about it?





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I'm having a similar problem... (finding the shells not so robust lately, despite being on the same diet + garden grub), so i find a few shells cracked. Just like you i thought maybe they were eating them, but i'm not sure if they are just trampling over them?

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Presumably you mean help with the shells and not eating the pottery frog :wink:


You can buy a supplement called shellstim that you put in the water that hardens shells. Try poultry suppliers in one of the stickies (or a search).

You could try poultry spice to give them a boost over Winter, that's on the omlet website but may be cheaper elsewhere.

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