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2 Egg Day

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It's like finding your first egg all over again isn't it? :D

Went to collect our now routine afternoon egg from Florrie, and there were 2 !egg! 's lying there! :dance: Cue for another egg dance and an extra helping of mealworms for Pom!


Trouble is, I can't tell which one was hers!! Florries first egg was quite thin shelled, large and had two small yolks inside. These were both identical. I broke them both into a dish - both had equal thickness shells and large yolks. And only 4g weight difference. Now what do I do? I NEED TO KNOW WHO LAYS WHAT EGG!! I can't eat an egg without a name on it!! :anxious:


Think I'll go and lie down for a bit ...........

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:lol: Just get someone to allocate each to a chicken. I had the same problem with my first egg, major credits going to one bird and I may be wrong.


Allocate the slighlty larger egg to the one you would have expected to lay the better egg

Or mix them together and make something with both, solves all problems

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Congratulations Snowy on your first two egg day! :dance::dance::dance:


It's great isn't it? - I love collecting eggs and the fact that I get the sort of excited over something so pure and simple feeling I used to get as a kid - very few things make me feel like that on a daily basis!! 8)


I only know which !egg! came from which GNR if I've seen either Doris or Gwen go into the eglu for a while. If there is one there waiting for me first thing in the morning it is from Doris as she lays early.....Gwen sometimes doesn't lay until early afternoon!



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I normally know when Florrie lays because I can see them as I potter in the kitchen. They all follow her into the run and wait outside the eglu for her - she faffs about for ages before coming out again. Then I rush out and grab it whilst still warm. And I've been expecting Pom to start laying any day as she's showing all the right signs. But we were out all day yesterday so missed everything! And today, after following them around all day - neither of them has laid! :evil: Little Madams!! :roll: How can they do this to me?? :cry:

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