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Eglu to run securing bolts.

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Hi all,

One of the Nylon bolts that holds the run to the eglu has snapped. Has this happened to anyone else. It has left some of the bolt in the threaded hole. Does anyone know if a). this has happened to them or b). the inside of the hole is metal or not. I would also ask if anyone has any tips for getting this section of bolt out from the hole.

I noticed that the replacement bolts seem to be of metal so that should stop this happening again. (thats why i want to know if its metal and have to be careful of the thead.)

Thanks in advance.

Miriam and Jason King.

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Thanks for that Looney we have had our eglu since Sept 05 so we had the nylon bolts. Ill see if i can give them a ring and see if they will refund the cost.



I'm sure they will - I think I've heard of this happening to someone else and they sent them new ones....

(I've had mine since Sept 05 too :!: But no broken bits yet :) )

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It happened to me when I got my two run extensions: the extra weight made two of the plastic bolts snap immediately.


Omlet sent me a complete set of new bolts free of charge. But it was scary waiting for them, as the Eglu was barely held on.


I was scared to remove a third plastic bolt to match it for size at the ironmongers in case that one snapped too. It would be really useful if someone could identify the exact size of the bolts so that people can buy the right ones in an emergency.


I would recommend to anyone buying a secondhand Eglu that they check whether it has plastic bolts, as I imagine that dismantling it could cause them to snap too. If it doesn't, get metal ones ready for arrival.

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I spoke to Penny at Omlet about this once; apparently the first Eglus had metal bolts/screws (with an Allen Key) to attach the run to the eglu, but a few people were crossing the threads, jamming the bolts in their holes and effectively writing off their Eglu :roll: . This is why they switched to the plastic ones.


My plastic bolts have got virtually no cross slots left in the top where they've been taken out and re-attached so many times, so I have some spare metal ones for when they finally go.

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