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I didn't realise that was how it worked, Phil. I thought people applied.


Christine... do you sell burgers and hotdogs from your front garden on match days?? that's what most of the local residents seem to do!! Nice little earner!






:lol::lol: No chance! We're actually slightly off the main tube-to-stadium route, though close to cafes which attract Gooners. My tai chi class has moved to the Ecology Centre now though, which is right next to the new stadium, so when matches are on Wednesdays I have to walk through all the crowds (which I'd otherwise avoid). Pre-match the crowd is actually quite nice: good positive atmosphere yet quite calm. Lots of anticipation.


The stalls look awful though (odd how fried onions always smell good, even when you know they're for serving with awful hotdogs in soggy white rolls!) You need to come up to Blackstock Road for a better quality of food! :wink:

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The fried onions DO smell good Kannie and i don't even like onions! Have never bought any food from ones of those stalls yet and i am not sure i will in the future. :?


Lucky you, living near "Ooops, word censored!"nal. Have always said to OH that the ONLY way he'd ever get me to live in a big city/large town is IF we lived near the "Ooops, word censored!"nal stadium... I'm a bit of a country bumpkin at heart... :oops:

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