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Wonder if anyone has any words of wisdom???... :lol:


Without going into to much detail... As some of you may know i currently teach PE to 4-11yr olds at a small prep school. Have been there for nearly 5 years and although the school is totally disorganised and infuriating at times the staff are lovely (though head and deputy are hard work) and i have made some good friends there. i generally enjoy my job though the moneys a bit pants :?


Anyhow 2 years ago i applied for a multiskills sports coach role based at a local secondary school sports college. The job basically entails teaching 4-11 yr olds at rural village primary schools basic sports skills and different games, football, netball etc. I got down to the last 2 but when in interview backed out a bit and said i wasn't sure if i wanted the job as i have such close friends where i work now. Suffice to say i didn't get it but 2 years time the same job has come up again, i applied and they have just called me for interview again - this friday...


What do you think i should do? The moneys not much better then where i work now, the job isn't massivly different and its based further away however it would be nice to work for somewhere more organised and the school i work for may end up closing down soon due to a lack of money in which case i would be out of a job anyway. This term i have had my hours squeezed so am basically doing the same amount of lessons in less time to save money so no breaks, admin time etc which is a bit stressful...


Any thoughts? Also if i do decide to go to interview do i lie to work about where i am :? (don't really want to do that but if i don't are they going to look badly on me if i come back having not got the job?)


Please help.........




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Okay Helen,


*Puts managers hat firmly on*


Never lie about your whereabouts as it always comes out and the lie is worse than the truth with your employers :wink:


They won't look badly on you for trying to improve your life at the end of the day everyone is entitled to look for another job and if they ask you why be honest and tell them why you are currently unhappy it will also allow them to make changes for you if you don't get the job or to improve in the future for your replacement 8)


If they do give you problems it will just reinforce your desire to move on and help to make it easier for you to do :roll:


At the end of the day do what you feel is right for YOU not the school :wink:


Good luck on Friday 8)

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I go with your gut instinct about the job.


Here's a few questions you should ask yourself...


What's making you want to apply for the job?

Is the new job worth the hassle of driving further?

Would you really be happier there?

Have you actually been around the school?

What do you think of the pupils?


Hope they help you to make your mind up.

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Louise is right about telling your employer.


We have multiskills coaches come into our school: They're great. I think they do a lot of travelling around though, which might not appeal to you?


I suppose it depends where you want to end up doesn't it? I know somebody who did this for a while, then worked in a gym and got loads of extra qualifications and is now a personal trainer with her own business, working from home with adults. She is making a mint, but maybe you will always want to work with children? (No money in that, ever).


Can I suggest you think about for doing PPA cover for children in state schools? Lots of schools are hiring in people from outside to do this, so that's a possibility.


Good luck, and you will know what to do when Friday comes.

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Helen, I agree with all the sentiments above.


But I am also a great believer in fate, & if this job has come up again, at a time when your current school may be closing anyway, well then,maybe you should just go for it :P


What it all boils down to is what you are happy doing.

If your school may close anyhow then you may end up in a job you don't like, so personally I wouldn't let an opportunity like this pass.


Good luck!

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Louise, you are absolutly right! Thankyou. i shall go in tomorrow and tell them that i won't be in on friday (and why!)


We have multiskills coaches come into our school: They're great. I think they do a lot of travelling around though, which might not appeal to you?


Yes they do do a lot of travelling, i wouldn't mind that to much but i might have to get a more reliable car.......


I think i'm happier working with primary age children Annie. I have athletics, football, netball and trampolining coaching qualifications so i could possibly get work in a leisure centre (only today the local leisure centre phoned me up to see if i could do some tramp coaching tomorrow evening) but the hours are evenings and weekends as well and i don't know how keen i am for that....


You're all right! I shall go for the interview and after all, if its not meant to be i won't be offered it anyway! And if i am offered it i don't know what i'll do! :?

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Good luck, Helen. I agree with Sarah on the subject of what is meant to be. The timing does seem to be right. The opportunity that you considered two years ago has presented itself again. Maybe last time you were not ready. This time, you have been in your current job long enough to show your staying power and have gained a lot of useful experience. It is always difficult making decisions which will affect your life, but you also have to weigh up the consequences of not making any changes.

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I say go for it too......


I also am a great believer in fate...if you dont get it - it was meant to be and if you do get it - you'll go on to bigger and better things. Do what you feel is right.


Good luck. let us know how it goes.....you never know, one day "Ooops, word censored!"nal may be looking for an extra training coach :shock::wink::lol:

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Hey Louise (and others)


Well i've just come back from job interview had to do a practical session with some year 7's and then an interview. Went ok (though i got lost on the way there - and the way back! :? ) AND this job involves a lot of driving round the Sussex countryside - worrying eh?!


I think it went ok, got great, not bad. Am still not sure if i want the job or not, i keep swinging backwards and forwards on it! Almost hope i don't get it so the choice is made for me... I think i shall find out how i got on later today.... Will keep you posted.....

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I think what may put them off is i have to give a terms notice and they need someone to start asap :?


That shouldn't put them off. It just shows that you have had experience in a similar job and that you are enjoying it. I hope you get the job! I'm sure you'll learn your way around the Sussex countryside and if not there's always Multimap!

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Just caught up with this exciting thread. I'll be watching to see the news. Good luck with your decision Helen.


I always say to trust your gut feeling and your instincts to make the right decision for you. The skills and friends you have learnt and made at your current school are yours for keeps. "Ooops, word censored!"ody can take those away from you. If you can gain more, differing experiences from this new job, then it has to be seen as a positive and another string to your bow.


You will know how you really feel when you have heard from them.


My husband was in this same predicament 5 months ago. It is hard knowing what to do for the best, and teaching can be so different from place to place. Like Annie says, you can always turn them down if you do accept and feel it's the wrong choice on reflection.


Good luck. :)

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Hi all,


Thanks for the encouragement, you're a great bunch! :)


I haven't heard from them yet, so assume thats its a 'no' I know they were very put off by the amount of notice i had to give. :?


BUT another (more exciting IMHO) option has presented itself. I was gazing through the "Ooops, word censored!"nal - Bolton programme on the way back home from the match (bear with me!) and saw that they are starting "Ooops, word censored!"nal soccer schools in Sussex. Thats interesting i thought, wonder if i could get involved in some holiday work for them (i'm a qualified footy coach) but put it to back of mind.


Anyhow yesterday (day after i had seen the article) there was a letter in my pigeon hole at work from the same company enquiring about whether the school i am at needed any football coaching and it had all the head coaches contact details on. So i dropped him an email last night and first thing this morning he rung me up on my way to work and said that they would definitly be interested in me doing holiday work for them and that they may even have a full time vacancy in the future!


How cool would that be? Working for "Ooops, word censored!"nal! Well its exciting to me anyway! Will let you know how i get on...




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