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Snow: A chance to check for foxes

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I haven't seen the fox in my garden since Boxing Day, but today's snow made it very clear that he is still visiting. Large dog-like footprints show that he climbed over the fence from next door via our respective compost heaps, walked to the Eglu, sat on top of it, then walked to the other end of the garden for a drink from our little pond, and then back next door.


If you think you may have fox or rat trouble, snow gives you a good opportunity to see what is going on! Check now before it thaws!

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Excellent point Gallina.

I've never seen evidence of fox activity in my garden, but I do know that we have foxes locally, and of course can't watch the garden all the time. Sadly I didn't get out to the eglus myself this morning, had to delegate that job to daughter, so I'll be hoping that the snow lasts until I can get home and check.

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