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fancy dress ideas please?!

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ok, here's the thing.


I am going to a fancy dress party and it's heros & villains. I'd quite like to go as a villain but I'mnot fussed really.


Only problem isthat the only costumes I've comeup with so far have involved lycra/spandex.......and "Ooops, word censored!"ody wants to see that :shock:

I am of the curvier variety of ladies so that would be nasty.


Ideas please??!?!!


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ok, I googled a lot of fancy dress websites, and yes your'e right, most of the hero's and villains are lycra costumes.


The only other things I could see were -


Gangster/mobster villain (you could wear pin stripe suit with machine gun and dodgy moustache with a cigar)!

Wizard of Oz witch ! (villian)

Cruella De Vil (villian)

A "Charlie's Angel" (hero)


the only other thing you could do is go down the traditional villain/hero route and do a superwoman/wonderwoman/cat woman type costume but make it yourself and not use lycra! :)

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I had a Heroes and Villains day at school a few years back. As I was on playground duty AND leading an assembly AND had a meeting with governors, I was in a similar predicament... I got a T shirt printed with a massive picture of Lassie on...... well, she was a real hero! :lol::lol:

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Oooh, sounds like fun!


I don't think I have many ideas that are different to the ones above :? (such clever people on this forum :wink: )


I once took part in a fancy dress three-legged football match and my friend and I decided to dress as a heroic duo.....we created a new pair of heros called "Bacofoil Girl" and "The Intrepid Tomato". (People could tell who we were supposed to be as we wrote our names on the cape :lol: ).


You could create a new villain / hero and let your imagination go wild creating it!


On the other hand, just go dressed as yourself and if anyone inquires why you're not in disguise just respond "be wary of those that you least suspect" in a serious, B movie, horror style voice! :lol::lol:

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Brilliant ideas!


Well done peoples!!


I had thought of highwaywoman and I think that might be the way foward. My mate is going as Bananaman which I thought was great!!


I'm going to go up to the fancy dress shop today and see what they come up with.


thanks for the suggestions tho - genius!

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