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RSPB birdwatch

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This weekend RSPB birdwatch takes place. You need to make a note of any birds in your garden over a one hour period which can then be submitted online.


full details here http://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch/index.asp


We've often seen a great spotted woodpecker in the garden but by watching have realised that in fact we have a pair - perhaps we'll have baby woodpeckers this summer. :wink:


If you can spare an hour today or tomorrow it's worthwhile. :D



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Kate and I complete forms for the British Trust for Ornithology's Garden Bird Watch throughout the year - I've not yet done the RSPB one, I'll see if I can find time tomorrow. We have Lauren and Jake staying overnight so perhaps first thing in the morning.


Actually, I haven't told BTO that we've moved yet -and haven't

completed any returns since May :oops:

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i saw this on the telly the other day, what do you think they would do if you put


1 robin

lots of sparrows

4 chickens

6 starlings

2 wood pidgeons


Well, they'd be pleased about the sparrows because their numbers are in decline (not round here they're not!) - what they'd make of the chickens, I don't know :wink::lol:

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