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domestic fowl trust

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I went to the domestic fowl trust yesterday, it was really good to see lots of different types of chickens. mind you, there was a very odd chicken called a "transylvanian bare neck" :shock: , it looked i right odd bird and really scrawny, but i do think that was how it was supposed to look. :?


They had lots of chickeny stuff so if you are anywhere near the vale of evesham take a look.


the problem with going there is that i have seen lots of chooks that would feel right at home in an eglu, especially mine!! :D

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Hi Dispic,


We were at Hodgehill Farm near Kidderminster yesterday - not sure if you know it, it's not too far from Evesham.....(I'm not too good at geography though)


They have lots of chooks there that supply their free range eggs. One of the breeds they have are just brilliant. Their heads are covered in a full set of feathers and they look like they have just stepped out from underneath on of those automatic hairdryer at the hairdressers. A min 'big bird' almost!


I need to find out the name of the breed, they look fab!

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Hi, That sounds a dream day out Dispic! I posted a while ago when I saw the Transylvanian Bare Neck in the poultry section at an agricultural show. OH thought they were ugly but I was so drawn to them. In fact I really wanted to bring them home :roll: One day! But they are weird looking, perhaps that's what I liked! 8)

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I can highly recommend the Devon Traditional Breed Centre near Crediton too - they've got so many lovely birds including geese, ducks, peacocks etc as well a lots of georgous hens of all types and sizes from pretty little bantam wyandottes to big fluffy orpington.


I got my Cream Legbars from them (they have little hairdos) but they also have ones with HUGE hairdos ... and those ones with fluffy legwarmers :D


They all free range on grass in big pens catching the windfall from cherry trees and roost in nicely converted sheds. The staff are also really helpful and know their stuff.

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