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Chicken shop!

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Lol, no I don't want a shop to sell chickens on, I was just considering creating an online shop with things you might want if you were raising chickens, but not stuff you would be able to find in most pet shops. What does anybody think :?: Stuff I was thinking about possibley selingl on it is:


*Toys for chickens like decorated hanging mirrors e.c.t


*Recipe books for food chickens might like


*Egg recipies


*Chicken poetry books!


*Chicken joke books!


* Decorated egg cups (personilised?)


*Full chicken coop cleaning kits


*Accesories for chicken coops


Just an idea, please tell me if you can think of any more things to sell!


Love from,


Amy :D

Esmerellda PP

Henrietta GNR

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You search for school fund-raising (UK) websites and they will all provide tea towels from artwork. Usually they ask for drawings, but maybe there is one that will accept photographs.


Here is just one: http://www.fundraisingforschool.co.uk/


I am sure if you Google you will be able to find someone who does do a teatowel from a photograph. You could even put possible pictures in the gallery and let us choose by a poll.


Then again you may think this is all getting out of hand and throw in the towel early....

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Wow, very cool ideas, I just need to find way of doing them! We've bought a very, very big book on how to make a website so if I ever do make an online shop I'll let you all know. Also if anyone has any good pictures of chickens i could possibley use on the towels, penci cases e.c.t plese send them to me,

Thankyou so much


Amy :)

Henrietta GNR

Esmerellda PP

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If you want to put your own designs onto things there are websites like cafepress.com that do all of the hard stuff for you :) You choose which products you want to stock, and upload your design then you say how much you are going to charge over their base rate. The difference you choose between the base rate and your price becomes your profit, or if you are just doing it for fun, you can stick with the base rate.


I'm not sure, but I think if you want more than one design you have to pay a little bit. Cafe Press is an interesting idea, they even print books and CDs for aspiring authors and musicians.


Cafe Press is based in the USA (but it does deliver to the UK), but there are places here that do a similar thing. Have a look at makemymegastore.com, it's based in the UK but it's not as big as Cafe Press.

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Well i've made it, http://www.cafepress.com/thechickery, and it has a few things in it but it's not very good at the moment but it will , hopefully, get better so keep checking back! If you actually want to buy something :o tell me and I will of course take the price down for my fellow chivkeneers However the base rate is quite hii any way :( so sorry!


Luv moi x (btw does moi mean me in french????)

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