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chicken run inspiration

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Has anyone got any ideas for building a covered run or pictures of one they've built? I have tried fencing, but my hens love to jump! :roll:

I'm hoping to build something attached to my shed. I've got a space that's about 12 foot by 7 foot so could do something quite big. Any ideas greatly welcomed! Thanks.

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I was looking for inspiration too - My brother has volunteered to come and build the girls a run at the week end. Since the gallery and things were chaged all of those links have stopped working. I am thinking of something like 350cm x 270 cm (to fill the space I have). Metposts with vertical uprights and then wire mesh frames attached to them. 1/2 roof of wriggly plastic and other half mesh. I think the floor will be half slabbed and then grass and mud.

I am planning on putting in some aubiose and logs etc to keep the girls busy. Any advice anyone? It has to be fox proof and sturdy enough not to blow away without being permanent (ie no concrete) - it is going on my allotment where I am not officially allowed to keep livestock on - but the chooks are pets, but just in case the neighbours complain!!

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Chicken Licken - your design sounds very much like the one my hubby built for my chickens last year. We used rolls of 16 guage weldmesh as it was cheaper than buying panels. Also the mesh size is smaller so wild birds can't get through it. This means it conforms if the bird flu police come checking.


We went for coroline for the roof rather than the corrugated plastic - mainly so it didn't turn into a greenhouse in the summer and roast my chooks! I would recommend covering the whole roof with something solid, again to make it wild bird proof.


The other thing we did was put some wood around the base, about 18 inches high to act as a draught board.


Hubby (and his assistant :) ) erected the wooden frame first (metaposts about 5ft apart), then roofed it, then fixed the wire. We didn't cut the wire for each panel, but ran it horizontally round so it was all in one piece and therefore more secure (and less work).


One word of silly "hind sight" advice - make sure the door is wide enough to get everything through - wheelbarrow, eglu, etc etc. We did this time, but one of the gates to the original chicken garden is too narrow to get their ark through!


You can get corroline or corrugated plastic sheets from B&Q in their building section.


We ordered the weldmesh rolls from Moncaster (www.moncaster.co.uk), specifically CWM3611166 6m Roll 3ft wide 1"x1" 16g @ £17.71 per roll. I wouldn't go for the 30m roll as it will be difficult to handle!!! We found their service pants though, so if you can find another supplier ......


Good luck to your brother this weekend - he'll have to work hard to get it all done. Our's took much longer than we anticipated but the chooks enjoyed their winter holiday in there!

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