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Pecking order

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I've had a look through and it doesnt seem to say anywhere.

Bettys got a bare neck, the littliun bullies her. I left it to start with as when I read up on here it said that they would need to establish their pecking order and would settle down. How long does this take? I don't want to keep leaving the situation if its going to carry on

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It depends how badly she is being picked on. You could try an anti-pecking spray or anti-pecking bits, or separate the victim or bully. I read somewhere recently separating the bully is more effective.

3 weeks approximately is where it calms down usually, but my poor Megan still gets picked (mainly chased). She's not fully matured yet, so I'm hoping that will help.

You can always rehome if it doesn't work out.

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I think it would be worth trying some anti peck spray or something, before it becomes a habit. Also, with mine, after the initial 3 weeks there does not seem to be any actual pecking, more facing up to each other and threatening gestures. As everyone knows their place that's all thats needed! :D

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