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Alcohol, Chocolate and PMT

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I knew I was right all these years:


(taken from a BBC web-site on PMT)




Some believe that you should give into the cravings leading up to your period. After all, if you're craving it, your body probably needs it. This feeling may be all in the mind, but denying yourself something you want doesn't help for those few days. Others say, avoid chocolate completely, as it only makes things worse.


But what is the magic ingredient in chocolate that your body needs? It contains iron and magnesium. Iron helps with tiredness and irritability and magnesium is said to regulate mood. Chocolate also contains milk, and consequently, calcium. Back in the 1930s it had already been noted that levels of calcium in the blood were significantly lower in the week preceding menstruation. Also, the symptoms of hypocalcaemia (low blood calcium) are remarkably similar to PMS. Large studies in the early 1990s were carried out to see if it did, indeed, have any effect, and to date, calcium is the only supplement which has been shown to have any positive effect on the symptoms of PMS.




Curling up with a bar of Dairy Milk and a bottle of red wine certainly makes you feel better. We've explored the benefits of chocolate already, but what about alcohol? In actual fact, alcohol acts in a very similar fashion to benzodiazapines and barbiturates, by potentiating the effects of a inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain called GABA. Increased action of this transmitter in the brain has a calming and relaxing effect, as anyone who has downed a shot of vodka during a very stressful lunchtime will testify.

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I can feel a virtual Chocolate Party coming! :lol::lol:


Don't go looking too far Gina - you might find other research that contradicts this - I'll stick with this one. :lol::lol:


Only problem with being my age is that I don't know when the P bit of PMT is anymore so I shall just have to eat chocolate all the time :wink::roll:

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