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My chooks have pulled up all their grass

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Hello. I've had Dorothy (black) and Beyonce (ginger) since June last year, but haven't got round to posting my problem until now.


We built them a lovely pen so they can have a good run around when we're out at work, and their Eglu and run can be moved around weekly. Unfortunately, they had scratched up all the grass within about 4 months, and they're now just pecking and continuing to scratch around on mud.


Their pen now resembles the Somme, with trenches they've dug and no-go squelchy areas. This is distressing for me, but apparently not for them. They run around, chasing each other and playing with their treats (yes, really!), sunbathing and sleeping on the logs that I've put in the pen for them to prevent boredom. I let them out of the pen all day at the weekends, but they're starting to scratch up the rest of my grass, which is even more distressing than watching them scratching up mud.


Why do they keep doing this? :?:


They get treats (they LOVE mealworms with chilli), they seem very happy and they're good friends. They don't seem bored, they coo and squawk quite happily at the right times (they don't like the pigeons, but they do like corn and doughnuts), so I just want to make sure that this is all OK. I've already put a couple of tons of sand down to try and dry out the pen, but it's got soggy in areas again after the recent rain. Should I re-turf their pen?


Can anybody help? :cry:


Thank you very much



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It's natural chicken behaviour happysam.


It's what they do...all day long!


They are searching for insects etc and it would be impossible to stop them.


I agree with the suggestion about hemcore, or perhaps woodchip, they love rootling about, especially if you scatter treats in it for them to find.


I like Aubiose myself.

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Don't re-turf!!!!!!!! :shock:


In the days before the forum existed, I made a lovely run for our hens - I raked all stones out, I raked it level, I turfed it and then waited for the turf to take...............


Then, I introduced our hens - and the grass disappeared, never to be seen again :(:roll::lol:


This was also in the days before Hemcore or Aubiose - we used chipped bark, which is very slippy when wet and dangerous to walk on. Wood chip can be used but Hemcore or Aubiose would be better.

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Our grass was fine in the summer - it grew as fast as they ate it, and so it was just nicely trimmed, but in the winter when it stoppd growing, it was carnage :shock:


So we're going to fence off the "grassy" area and encourage regrowth, and keep them off it in winter.

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Grass and chickens...a common problem !! :D


Our grass is non existent at the moment...but as CannyCat said in the summer it will be much better.


We totally rely on hemcore/aubiose in the run....its a horsey type bedding which keeps the run totally dry, no smells, absorbs the poos and wee's and the chickens love to scratch around in it. Its about £6.50 a bale and you can buy from horsey/farmer supply stores.

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