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The Dogmother

Fleur's poorly toe

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Fleur managed to hurt herself yesterday; Rosie and (Lesley's) Lauren came running in yesterday to say that Fleur (tiny white Japanese bantam) had blood all down her front.


On closer inspection, she was rather bloodied, but it was coming from one of her toes - she'd managed to rip out one of her toenails!!!!


We washed her down with warm water and tea tree oil, bathed the foot and it seems ok this morning. She's sitting down more than normal, but she walks ok when I move her on. I'm not the slightest squeamish, but it made me shudder.


Fingers crossed.

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Ooops Clare, poor Fleur, that sounds nasty. I bet it hurt like anything, and probably looked even worse with blood everywhere. I'm sure it'll heal up well though, although I'd normally mutter things like "keep it clean & dry to reduce risk of infection". But how the heck do you keep a chickens foot clean and dry :shock:, especially when you consider the amount of mud around at the moment :roll::roll:

I hope she's OK though :D:D:D

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I was wondering how Fleaur was Clare. Glad to hear she's OK and it was nothing worse than a toenail. We had that with Ellie and there was blood everywhere. A good wash with diluted tea tree did the trick.


Lauren phoned to ask me how she was so I came here to have a look - she'll be relieved :)

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