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We've created a monster :shock:


We have a ginger ranger and a pepperpot and yesterday we 'introduced' a wyandotte bantam.


It's not going very well.


Boudi has decided to be really spiteful. We expected this, but Lacey the bantam simply lies there whimpering! She is so submissive what's the point of bullying her?

When poor Lacey hides Boudi trries to seek her out and if she can't find her she attacks something else.....the dog (a big old staffordshire bull terrier who just might bite back if she carries on) or the guineapig, me or even my four year old daughter.

She's never been like this before.


i'm tempted to cook her :twisted:

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maybe waving the roasting tin at her will do the trick?! :lol:


I cant give you any advice im afraid as ive never introduced a newie. but im sure good advice will follow.


im sure your wyandotte will soon perk up and stand her ground once shes settled though. :wink:

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thanks for that!


we've noticed today that our ginger ranger appears to be deliberately getting in between (aggressive) Boudi and (submissive) Lacey.


This has prevented some nasty assaults this morning.

I thought I was imagining it but then my husband has noticed that Lacey is hiding in the eglu and when Boudi tries to enter, gwinny blocks the doorway :shock:


This is a new development that I didn't expect.

Has anyone else come across this before?

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I thought I read somewhere that bantams and full size hens should not be put together.


If you are introducing a new full size hen and they are getting bullied I read that you should take the one doing the bullying away from the rest of the flock for a few days. Then introduce her back, she will then be at the bottom of the pecking order. Haven't tried it myself, only something that I've read. I suppose you have nothing to lose but to try the separation and hope it works.

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Poor little Lacey. I have heard mjxing bantams doesn't always work, but then have never tried it.

How sweet that Gwinny is looking out for her. Maybe there is some hope if it is not 2 against 1. :?

It's hard to predict what will happen, I added 2 young full-sized ones to 2 older ones and it ended up being 3 against 1 for about 2 days.

I'd keep an eye on them in case it gets serious. It depends, my little ones get pecked on the head :shock: but I eventually realised that the various pecks they get don't cause damage. It's when they pull out chunks of feathers or cause injury I would worry and consider a new set-up or even new home.

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