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Egg basket/holder

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1p!! Bargain! I might potter off now to see what they have...


I found a nice one at castinstyle.co.uk . I had forgotten that P+P would probably be high on it with the weight until I ordered it, and by that point I'd convinced myself I needed it ;) Ours are in stacked Omlet boxes until it arrives.


I saw a couple in Woolies the other day, they hold 6 eggs, £2.99. They are a wire 2D chicken shape with wire circles around the base on a wooden stand. I'd already ordered this other one or I might have got two of those (one for Betty's one for Elsie's!) The circles looked quite large though.

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Further to my earlier posting, the one I bought from ebay is pretty, but has turned out to also be pretty useless, as it only holds 6 eggs, & big ones at that.


My girls are producing 3 a day, but they are little still & just drop through the hole!


I went into Henley today & found the most gorgeous wire chicken shaped basket in Cargo, which is unusual because it is in brown wire, so looks really rustic. It is a lovely shape, really round & fat looking :D

They have a website http://www.cargohomeshop.com/shop-product.aspx?pid=6767


It looks better "in the flesh" & will hold lots of eggs. I just need to remeber to rotate them!

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Have you been saving them up just to go in your new egg holder or are they from your adopted flock............
..6 are from Mrs Snowy and Ginger ... from the top down, and then the next 6 are from the adopted mob :wink: . I used the fact that we get and use alot of eggs, as the excuse for having a bigger holder, my last one held 8.


That looks great Sarah - but why haven't they phoned me yet It's obviously better to use mail order than call in to the shop :arrow: Lesley, I ordered a few weeks ago, and have only received the egg holder today. There is still a pending fruit basket, and banana tree and a steel t-bag bin :roll::wink: .


All the items are supposed to be from Graham for Xmas, but the kitchen is being done in Nov, so theres no point in hiding things away NOW is there :wink::lol:

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