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eco washing balls - what are they REALLY like?

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ok, I know I haven't posted for ages for when I saw a redaers letter in my Organic Life magazine about washing balls I started thinking....... What are they really like, and which ones are the best?


Then I knew the people with all the answers would be my fellow omleteers!!


So, are they as good as, better, or just passable, and which brand is best - I've seen several ranging from about £15 to £30.


More to the point, are they as ecological as my current "Ecover" washing powder?


Discussions welcome - Thanks

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Pretty sure theyre more ecological. Not sure how the contents are made but the balls are continuously reuasable and you're not putting much apart from dirt into your grey water unlike the ecover.

I use them for all my darks washes and theyre fab. The only thing I've found they don't work for is pureed carrit so I use soapnuts on lights instead. I have the £30 ones I was warned off the cheap (lakeland) ones when I was looking but I now cant remember why. Its been over a year :D

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I think Buffie used these and I asked her if they were worth trying. I'm not quoting what she told me . . . but I haven't bought any!


But, maybe she had the Lakeland type? Please let us know how you get on with Nigel's Eco Store.

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I have used both the Lakeland ones and Ecoballs and found that the clothes quickly became grey and began to smell musty.


I also tried Soapnuts and although I was initially very enthusiastic about these, I abandoned them for the same reason.


I have an unopened bag of Soapnuts somewhere...if anyone wants them,(free to a good home) PM me....(having said that, I hope I can find them!)

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Oh well, I've taken the plunge now & paid the money so I'll see how it goes - just to say, I use the ecover conditioner and I think they've changed it recently because it seems a bit better than it used to be, I agree, it was a bit weak.

Will post an update at a later stage on how the balls are going!

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