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Smudge our Cute Bunny

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Hia Folks :D


Smudge our (rather large) dwarf lop earred love the run of the garden. And he tends to munch on pretty much everything. I'll say this for him, he's keeping the grass short! Together with our two chooks.


Anyone else let their bunny "freerange?" I only do it when I am home, which is quite often so he's used to having run of the garden with his friends the chooks. It's funny, cos sometimes he races round the chooks in circles wanting them to play and they are rather bemused by him :lol:


When we go away, I expect he will spend a LOT of time in his hutch, which is a two level big hutch, but I am not sure how he will cope with that?? :?

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My two free range most days.I have a safe garden surrounded by walls or the sides of an old quarry,so no fear of them running off They have a nack of finding the most recent expensive plant I've bought and devouring it!The chickens are definately in charge

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