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Number of chickens in the eglu

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I am going to collect my eglu and my two ginger nuts on Wednesday, but I now understand from Omlet that the Eglu can hold up to four chickens. I was wondering about adding a third Ginger Nut to the group. From everyone's pictures, the ginger nuts seem to be quite big chicksn, would there be room for three do you think? what about chicken 'politics'? Will one get picked on? Do chickens fight? Please can you advise me?


many thanks!





sorry if this message is a repeat, I'm still getting the hang of the forum stuff!

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Hi Lucy :D


Welcome to the world of chicken keeping!


Yes the Eglu can hold up to 4 medium sized chooks, (or if they feel like it then 8 squash in :roll: )


I think that 3 is a good number if they are going to spend most of the day in the Eglu run, and heaven forbid anything happens to one, then there will be 2 to keep each other company :D


We only had a little spate of fighting as the 4 Omlet girls all arrived at the same time, then so did the rescue girls, a bit of rank pulling when they all got together for a while, but no blood was drawn, so I let them get on with it.


Good luck with your chooks, you'll love having them :D


karen x

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Definitely three! It's more fun, as well as being more sensible (and not many things are both).


All Omlet hens are hybrids and are thus medium-sized. Gingernuts are only slightly larger than Pepperpots: both are about half the size of some pure-breeds.


I used to have two hybrids and two enormous pure-breeds in my Eglu and there was still room for one more, as they cuddle up so tightly.


But extend the run if they can't get out much.

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