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Do you need a Drake?

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cant help on the drake, havent the foggiest about ducks,,,but as for the duck eglu...yes they do sell it. i requested a booklet before i ordered my rabu...and ther ein there for sale...same price as rabu and eglu, similer in design from what i could tell tothe eglu. there was pics in there also...more about ducks than rabbits i found

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I don't think it matters whether you have drakes or ducks since there isn't the noise problem that you get with cockerals - except that if you want duck eggs you wont' get many out of a drake :roll:


The ducks I've hatched myself in the past just all went round in a group and it didn't seem to matter if they were drakes or ducks - they do tend to stick together much more in a pair or group than hens do and it is quite sweet watching them do everything together. :D

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Thanks for the replies.

Have phoned Omlet for the Ducklu brochure.(Hubby will have a fit when he see it).

I have been looking on the practical poultry website and the consensus there was that you do need a drake. Not sure I fancy eating eggs that have been fertilised, yuk! Also said drake would try to mate with hens given the chance which I find a bit disturbing.

Anyway I will wait to see what the Omlet book says.



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