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Something is digging up my seeds

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In my 3 new raised beds something is disturbing my seend over night (or very early morning)

Could be the cat,as they like to dig in loose soil, but I can't find any...ahem...evidence :?

Tis is major digging - not just a small area,the whole bed which was once lovely .raked & flet now looks like it has been rotovated :evil:


What can I do to protect my seeds?

I was thinking of cloches or chicken wire,but need some help form someone who has had experience of this.

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I have chicken wire around the outside of my raised beds but wonder if they need more protection. We have collared doves nesting in the garden and I saw one of them land on a pole holding the chicken wire up - there were no seedlings there then but I did wonder if she might go for the lettuce seedlings now they are popping up. I go out every morning now to check.


Could your thief be a rabbit? Or could it be a cat doing the digging/scratching and slugs or snails eating the crops?


I would get some netting over everything as that should stop most animals but not the slugs?

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For the moment I have chucked the Eglu rum over the bed (My girls are in a pen & don't use the run).

I have started my peas of indoors, & will hope for the best.

Don't think its a rabbit as I have never seen any in the garden & we have a cat & a dog which tend to keep them at bay 8)


My money is on the dog,who came in from her evening constitutional with VERY muddy paws last night :roll::roll::roll:

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Problem is,now we know its Millie she seems to have developed a fatal fascination with the raised beds.....she can't keep away from them :roll:

I think we may have to fence the area off,which will be a shame as I like the garden to be "open" looking.


But as you said,she is easier to deal with than many of the other things it could have been :lol:

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