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bed time for chickens?

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Hi everyone,


Right has this happened to anyone else..... when it's getting dusk, our chickens have decided that bedtime is in our conservatory, they tap on the window of the door wanting to be let in...... little horrors, so I have to go outside and shout, "come on girls", they run across the garden towards the eglu but chatting in disgust as if to say......."yes, but we want to roost in the conservatory on the nice chairs"


Has anyone on this forum had problems with their chickens wanting to roost somewhere other than their eglu????????


Cheers Claire

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Yes, not personally experienced - but have heard in trees is a popular spot ! :shock:


They are funny little things arent they....they do make us chuckle - their little personalities... :lol:


My neighbours must think im barking, cos im always talking to them. :roll:

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When we introduced a 3rd chicken and shut her in the run we left the egg port open for T&S to go to bed. It got dark and I couldn't find T&S and panicked that they had lflown off because of the new chicken, but found them roosting in the cardboard box the new chicken had come in. :oops:

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