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POL Chickens in Kent?

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Anybody know where I can get some point of lay chickens in May? Omlet say my nearest supplier is in Faversham but they have said I can either have them now (no eglu til 1st week May, so thats not possible) or July (thats too far away!). We live in Canterbury, Kent and are quite mobile - well as far as the chickens are happy to travel.

Claire x

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yup! two places!

one is in swanley/orpington, right beside the A20 and I estimate about 45 minutes drive from canterbury at most.

we bought our wyandotte bantam from them and they seem a really nice couple. they have a large and varied flock. last month they had frizzles approaching POL but you should contact them as they have sooooo many types of chicken and seem to breed a different type each month.




the second is a nice lady, new to the chicken breeding business.

we really like her as her hens are treated like pets.

we bought our lavender araucana (note that her eggs are olive rather than blue, but the lady showed us an egg before accepting our money so there was no deceit) and our white frizzle from her. based in brimstone hill, Meopham (quite near the A2) she has slightly less choice available.

I only have a phone number so I will pm it to you.

I rang to ask permission to post it on here but she's not home so I'll pm it for now and post it here later if she says I can :D

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I know where they're going to be living..... :D


LOL! Hmm, now how do you know that :D

I am soooo eggcited (such a bad pun I know). I have spoken to Colin at Home Farm - he's lovely. Turns out he knows friends of ours, so that is definately where our chickens are coming from. We are starting with three ....

methinks in time to come I will end up with a whole row of Eglus!

So between E and Colin I am one very happy girly. :dance:

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Hi Redfrock,


How exciting. I got my new chickens from Home Farm Fowls last week and they are really lovely friendly chooks.




Thats good to know - recommendation is always best :) and friendly was one of the most inpostant things we wanted - even more than the eggs! :D

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