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Bella my gold campine is a crower! :roll: Not too loud or frequently, but certainly loud enough to have me running outside to see what's up. Often it's because she's lost the rest of the 'flock'; something has spooked her; someone has laid an egg etc! :shock::lol:

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if anyone comes here we have rehe"Ooops, word censored!"d what we are going to say!


"they're no louder than your lawn mower"

"they're no louder than your motorbike"

"they're no louder than your kids in the garden"


and plenty more where that came from !! :lol:

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Do you have brothers Mat? If not, a few mates will do. Just explain to the neighbours that if you had to give up your first hobby of chicken keeping, then you would have to take up your next favourite hobby - playing war games in the back garden. Or playing the drums. Which would they prefer?? :wink:

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