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Bunny Problem..Help Please!

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We used to have 2 male rabbits from the same litter and they never had fights. Unfortunately though, when they were only 6 or 7 months old they died because of the dog next door...

But anyway, we bought a new bunny yesterday.


He is adorable and only 9 weeks old! Our problem is that we want him to have a friend, and we were just about to buy a doe today, but the woman at the pet shop said that we can't put them together if we're not breeding them because blahblahblah..and we can only get them neutered when theyre 5/6 months old. We would have to keep them separate until then and we only have the rablu. (green eglu)


Any ideas on what to do?


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Also, (I think this question is for eglu owners) my bunny likes to sit/sleep in the hay rack inside the eglu. Somehow, he hops in then manages to get his little bottom and hind legs out on top of the food bowl! :shock:


He seems to be happy sitting there, so I have stopped putting him back into the main part of the eglu, but I was just wondering if this is okay and if he will eventually stop doing this..

I have no idea how he gets out, yet sometimes when I open the side door of the eglu I hear a thump and I have decided this is probably him jumping down from the hay rack.



If anybody has any ideas, please help. :?

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So sorry to hear about your other bunnies, I had two brothers, one died after two weeks, which broke my heart, he was never that strong. I vowed never to get a bunny from a pet shop again, even though it was a recomended breader. I had him neuterded at six months, then I got a female from the RSPCA, already neutered, if you have one, near you try them, they give brilliant advise, you could get a girl already done. About the hay rack, I took mine out my boy bunny kept on knocking it off, but as your bunny is new and young give him time to settle in things may change. I hope you dont mind me saying but I noticed your bunny on grass eatig greens, please be careful, I was advised not to put mine on greass until he was at least six months old. they can get terrible tummy upsets, the best thing is non selective food(pellets) and fresh hay. Sorry if you already know this, but I would'nt like your lovely bunny to become ill. Good luck finding a new bunny, they definately need a friend :)

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Gorgeous bunny, but if you get him a girlfriend, then they will have to be kept apart until they can both be neutered at 6 months old. Although buns breed readily, there are loads of problems associated with this, not least the mother eating her young, plus you would need alternative 'nursery' housing. Leave breeding to the experts :D


See http://www.rossrabbits.co.uk for details and advice

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UPDATE: Had lots of advice (some contradicted others) RSPCA were very helpful. Hes going to be a bachelor bunny until we have him 'done' - then we will phone around rabbit rescue centres to get him a doe (also 'done')


Meantime.... its apple blossom time, and this bunny really likes nibbling the flowers off apple branches put in the run! very cute.


PS: I know why its called a RABLU - its a very posh indoor loo. Bunny prefers to stay outside with a cardboard box to sleep in!

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