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Puny Pepper

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Pepper has become thinner and thinner since last summer - so much so that I was shocked when I picked her up last night (she doesn't often allow this) to have her breastbone digging right into my hand. :(


There isn't anything visibly wrong with her and she lays almost every day so I guess she must be happy :?:


Any ideas as to how to fatten her up a bit (no, not for that - I'm a vegetarian :wink: ) ? They get all sorts of treats - porridge, sunflower seeds, grated carrot, sweetcorn, mealworms ... why doesn't she look healthier?

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If I didn't know better, I'd think there was nothing wrong too. But you just know your own chookies, don't you?


Just to add to my worries about her, she has laid 3 soft shells in the past week and we have never had any in the past.


I have done a lot of searching and this can indicate a lack of grit in their diet (it's the same now as it's always been), a shock of some kind, or other diseases (e.g. bronchitis) but she has no symptoms.


Worming is done regularly and the others are fine.


Any ideas out there? Think I will e-mail our vet too.

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The soft shells could just be a hormonal blip, it seems to be the season for eggy upheavals as the days get longer and egg production goes into overdrive. We had a couple from our gingernut who is normally regular as clockwork, but it sorted itself out. A short course of shellstim wouldn't harm though. Re the thinness, have you wormed them?

Hope she's better soon. :?

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Their regular Flubenvet dose is due next week and I added some more grit to their porridge last night.


Pepper laid a normal egg today ... and I watched her racing around the garden trying to hide a snail from the others earlier this evening :lol:


Thanks, all. Perhaps I'm being paranoid ... :oops: ... though she is very thin and her breastbone could cut paper.


Will keep an eye and keep you posted ...

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