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Bathroom done almost

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We now have a new bathroom and the buildres have gone :lol::lol: I have spent most of today cleaning said new bathroom...does anybody know a cunning way to get grouting off the tile surface where the builder has smeared it a little too generously :roll:

I have tried a cloth and cleaning solution, gently rubbing with a green pan scrubber and picking at it hence I have no finger nails left tonight....there must be an easier way...all suggestions welcome :lol::lol: cheers

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Hot water, a tiny squirt of washing up liquid and vinegar in a bowl. Wonderful stuff. Gets rid of most things! A squirt of lemon juice might help too, and wil make it smell better.


Superkate is the expert in this area. I'm sure she'll be along to offer some very useful advise.


How lovely to have a brand new bathroom. :D

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