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Not long to wait!

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OK, so the girls are due to arrive at some point on Thursday, still awaiting a call from Omlet to finalise times.


Just want to know what can I do to help them settle in? I've got all the feed coming with them and I have been out to buy grit, corn, hemcore and some straw to make them comfy. I also have plenty of grapes, sweetcorn etc. Did anyone do the marmite on toast, natural yogurt thing?


Sorry, being a bit of a nervous mum and I still can't decide on names! :lol:

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ooh, congratulations - I remember the nervous anticipation! I had some friends round to see the arrival, and after the Omlet van had driven off, my friend's daughter remembered the Marmite toast idea (I'd totally forgotten). So we did, and they loved it!

Not sure if it made any difference though, as the minute they were placed in the run they started pecking away as if they'd always lived there, and settled in really quickly. Sounds as if you are well prepared, anyway. Remember, there is no question too daft to ask on here - it's a fantastic support once you have got the girls and are on your own with them.

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I remember the excitement very well. As soon as the van arrived I raced down - the OH took photos of the Omlet van and me carrying the girls up to the garden. Lots more photos followed.

We made the mistake of giving them too many treats to begin with - just couldn't wait to spoil them.

Read lots on this forum and found the best way was to let them have their layers (pellets or mash - ours love mash) in the mornings and then give them a treat in the afternoon. We also give them some corn to go to bed with. We started out with fresh corn but as it became expensive in the winter we bought frozen cobs - so a quick whizz in the microwave and they have a nice warm cob to peck at before bedtime.

For treats ours girls love pasta (especially wholemeal spaghetti), spinach, tinned corn, tomatoes and mealworms. We also give them all our leftovers - nothing gets wasted with them around.

Good luck for Thursday.

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I know what you mean, my girls arrive on the 27th and it can't come quick enough. A little anxious about the neighbours, one sides a bit fussy, very house and garden proud, but I wont be put off :evil: I've also had pages of names and picked out 3 but I still keep coming up with more :? By the way has anyone ever tried giving their girls millet spays? You know, the one you hang in budgie cages. I used to have a big avairy full of birds and they loved it.

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Cheers guys!


I always feel more comfortable after hearing your advice! Just can't wait for them to arrive. :D Might give Omlet a ring to see if they have given me a time yet.


I know what you mean about neighbours Sarah71, but ours are both prretty noisy themselves what with their dogs, cats and birds so I'll doubt they even notice our chickens. :lol:


I've been through loads of baby books but I just can't seem to find anything that takes my fancy. :? I was thinking of Margo and Barbara from the 'Good Life' but I would imagine they are fairly common. Think I might wait untill they arrive for the final decision, their cheeky faces might just lend themselves to something! :wink:

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Hi Steph,


My children had a list of 40 names and were fighting over which they wanted. However, on the day, the "chicken man" arrived the children were there and as soon as each hen came out they were named straight away with no hesitation. My youngest child chose "Henny" and would not budge from the name even though half the chickens in the world have the same name. But there you are.


The "chicken delivery man" was great. Good advice and I stuck to what he said about keeping them in for 5 days and they behaved beautifully yesterday when they went out for a few hours before dusk.


I spent all my time in this lovely weather we've been having just sitting in the garden watching them. They are so entertaining, catching flys in mid-air and crowding round the run to say hello to you when you go near.


I'm sure you can tell that although it is only day 6 of chicken ownership for me, I am a total convert....they are great...


Hope you enjoy them when they come.

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