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Mark I Eglus

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I bought a second hand one of these and posted a topic a while ago about how they fare in the cold.


I understand the Mark II eglu is all enclosed i.e. underneath the roosting bars so can appreciate there is no cold air coming in from underneath.


However this is not the case with the Mark I - it has wire mesh underneath so will this still be nice and cosy in the cold weather???????


Can anyone with a Mark I advise?????

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I have both a mark 1 & a mark 2, and the hens seem equally happy in each :D . They do all seem to like to sleep together, but I have had all 7 in a mark 1 on more than one occasion, so I suppose that it's not surprising that they weren't concerned about the cold :roll::lol::lol::lol: .

But I'd guess that if one model was colder or draughtier than the other that they'd cotton on to that and avoid it, but so far they seem to sleep equally happily in either.

Not sure if that answers the question or not :?:roll::roll:

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I am alot further north than you Debra and my two get on fine in the winter in fact this one has been so mild I have hardly closed the door I will only close it if we are expecting sub zero temps as they don't like me to shut them in :roll:


They are two and a half and are just fine with it 8)

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