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the morning after. . .

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Well, after several days spent in the Eglu, Rosemary & Clarisse spent their first night in the 'Lu. ;-)


I got up extra early to watch them get out of bed. . .it was a lot of fun. I can tell they love their new space.


Last night when it started getting dark, I could tell they didn't know quite what to do. . .even though they had been in the Eglu often during the day to rest or if the dogs were barking at something. . they would run in and then peak out. When it started getting dark and they just sat there chirping, I put a flashlight in the Eglu, and they ran in and settled in immediately. (Why does that work I wonder?)


So we are officially Eglu-ing it in Kansas.


I've also decided the chickens routine will finally force me into the routine I've been wanting to do. . .get up and exercise in the morning.


Chickens as tools of time-managment? Why not?


Of course I have some "first morning" pics, but don't have time to upload them right now. . .;-)

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