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Anybody Used a Rabbit Eglu for Guinea Pigs?

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We have 2 adult guinea pigs and like the idea of keeping them in an Eglu on our back lawn. They currently have a wooden hutch on the lawn which they use during the day, and live inside at night. Has anyone any experience of using an Eglu for guinea pigs?


Also, if the feedback is positive, has anyone got a secondhand rabbit Eglu that they're looking to sell?



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:D I've thought about this a lot! I think the set up would be wonderful (though not in near future for me :cry: ) but I was trying to think if there were any drawbacks.

The nearest I got was what about winter? I either make an indoor home or at least bring the hutch into garage or similar and it can see out of the wire sides.

An Eglu would be fine outside but no view with door shut. The ground is too damp outside for most of the winter. That's what I'm stuck on. Rabbits are hardier on damp ground than guineas I think.

An all weather surface and extra winter roof? Eglu would be big to bring in for half the year!

Would be just perfect in Summer :lol:

Wonder if Omlet have been pondering this one.

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We made a big lean-to run on the side of our summerhouse which had a little bedroom for the rabbit and guinea pig and a long run undercover that ran along the side of the summerhouse between the walls of that and the fence so I suppose they were pretty well insulated. They were also bone dry in there as they had the protection of the fencing and walls on 3 sides and an open mesh at the front.


An Eglu might well be too claustrophobic if they've got to stay inside all the time, especially if it's really snowy and cold outside unless the run was covered over with something to keep the grass dry and warmer?

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