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Golden Silkie

Letting Them Out

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Hello everyone i am thinking about getting chickens. but we have some very :twisted: (evil) foxes around so i think that it will only be safe for them to go out if im with them. and this will only be from 4:30pm onwards on weekdays. so i will be able to let them out for about an hour mon-fri is this enough!!!!!!!!

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I'm in a similar position, I leave about 7.15 am and don't usually get home till 6.00 at the earliest, and I cannot risk letting the girls out unless I am in the garden. I also sometimes have to travel and stay away overnight, so my girls don't get much time out of the run except at weekends, and I know that in winter it's going to be very limited.

I checked with Omlet before daring to get chickens, and was assured that the run is big enough for 2 chickens and they are fine living in there all day. Of course they appreciate free-ranging if they can, but it's not essential. Go on - you will love having chickens! and they are surprisingly low-maintenance.

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Some peoples chickens on here stay in the run all the time and they are fine.


You could always add the converter/extension at a later date when you can afford it :)


If you think how most chickens live, life in an eglu and run in your back garden is sheer luxury :)

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Just what I think. Our girls have to be kept confined during the day, but evenings and weekends they get to trash the garden just as much as they choose to :roll:


I have felt guilty about keeping them confined in the run but ultimately if we compare our eglu girls to battery or barn chooks, then they are living a 5 star lifestyle.


Kept nice and clean with fresh nesting material, freedom to stretch their legs, sun on their backs, fresh food and water WITHOUT ADDITIVES :twisted: , lots of treats to enjoy and well looked after.




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