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Lindy Loo

Hatching eggs with a broody hen

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Buffy, my glamorous Buff Orpington has gone broody so OH had the brilliant idea of buying some hatching eggs for her to sit on.

I bought 12 Araucana eggs last Friday and she has duly done her bit for a week now..only 2 weeks to go. Now this may seem a silly question BUT if any of the chicks hatch what do I need to do with them.

I have tried to read up on the hatching process but everything I read seems to be geared up towards hatching eggs in an incubator.

I had planned to set up an eglu and run outside my main hen house few days before hand so that Buffy and any chicks can be on their own and I will buy some chick crumbs but is there anything else i should do?.

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make sure that there is a non-slip flooring in the eglu, corrugated card or that non-slip shelf liner are fine. Or the little ones will slip around and damaged their legs.


You will need a seperate feeder for their chick crumbs (they will move onto growers mash later) and a shallow dish for the water - preferably put some marbles in this so that they don't drown... small chicks are daft! Their mummy will keep them warm and looka fter them, showing them what to eat. They grow very fast and get to be independent quite quickly.


If you go back through this album http://s90.photobucket.com/albums/k272/Claret_63/, you will see piccies of the chicks we hatched last year.

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Hmmm I am so very tempted


I wonder if the Cubes will be on general supply in time for me to breed some?


I know that I really shouldn't but they are just so irresistable.


Got eggs coming out my ears at the moment!

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It's ok for you to say that - after being in training for your run :lol:


But as you know he is a big softie - so I just won't say anything until the little chicks appear (probably) (maybe) will I might not be able too :roll:


Talking of which - must dash and do his lunch - he is off bowling - so can 'hatch' out plans whilst he is out.


I fancy a silkie or two but have heard they are a bit fragile and you have to have a heater for them in the winter.


(But surely not if you have enough other banties to keep them warm)

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Thanks Fee.


Dilly, I hadn't heard that about silkies, but I do know that they are very inclined to go broody and also (because of that) get mites/lice a lot.


The thing is that if you have any extra chicks, I might be tempted to have another one, and I don't really have any room! I shall have to be very restrained :roll:


I'm sure that OH would love any chicks to bits - he's such a softie.

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