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Chicken bedtime?

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Mine are staying out really late these days - now that the days are that bit longer they scratch around until it gets dark basically :roll: I lure mine into the run with a bit of corn when it gets dusky and then wait til it gets completely dark to go and close the door on them. All have mine have gone to bed in the eglu first time when they were new arrivals with no problems but I know others have had a far more mulish time.

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Hi Sarah,


I'm sure they are in bed safely by now.


I lure my chooks into their run with some treats and shut the run door at 7 or 7.30pm (to co-incide with my children going to bed) and let them get on with it.


By the time I come down from sorting out my children, the chooks have all gone into the eglu of their own accord. Varies, 7.55pm, 8pm or 8.10pm. Then I shut the eglu door and bring their feed bowl indoors.


Glad you've had a great day 1, and you'll definately know your hens different personalities soon......

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Last summer mine stayed up until dark and only went to bed reluctantly. But in spite of the fine weather they're going to bed well before it gets dark at the moment - about seven. Perhaps they've got a good book tucked away in the eglu. :D

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