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A few weeks ago when OH and I were musing between Mk II and Cube, we were wondering how the ladder could be modified on the cube to make it suitable for ducks (we have 3 bantams and 2 ducks). We did email Barbara at Omlet for advice but didn't hear back straight away - she wasn't ignoring us... all will become clear - lol!! In the end we decided on a MkII which we are chuffed to bits with - we leave out the front roosting bars and the ducks snuggle happily there, with the banties at the back on the roosting bars.


Anyways, a couple of days ago, we received an email from Barbara responding to our Q about whether they had any modifications to the ladder for ducks etc. She responded:


Sorry for the delay in replying. I needed to speak to the design team

and they've only just got back to me. I'm afraid that we don't have a

ramp for use with the Cube if you intend to keep ducks in it but the

designers think that it would be relatively easy to make one yourself

from a piece of wood. Alternatively, you might be able to call Omlet

on 0845 4502056 and see if they'd be able to provide you with a free

standing Cube without the wheels and frame so there wouldn't be any

need for a ramp at all.


Interesting... so there is a possibility you *could* get the cube without wheels and frame.


MH xx

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