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Cow parsley: Love it or hate it?

Love it or hate it?  

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  1. 1. Love it or hate it?

    • Love it.
    • Hate it.

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....and migraines :( - at least it's nearly over for this year.


We have Hemlock - which looks like cow parsley - we couldn't keep on top of things last year when we moved in and we ended up with 7' hemlock everywhere - and it seeded :(


We had someone here with a strimmer for 5 hours on Saturday - and 7 hours yesterday - and he still needs to come back :? - it will not seed this year :evil:

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My friends dad who is a passionate allotmenteer (he is in his 70's, has 2, and helps a couple of "old folks" who are probably younger (edit) than him, with theirs) goes round spraying anything which has seeded with hairspray to stop the seeds scattering when he pulls them up. Swears by it![/i]

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God don't remind me I have to think about the annual ragwort pull in the feild next to the garden :evil:


I clear it every year but because the council do nothing it still comes back from seeds evry year :roll:


It's not my land but I don't want it in the garden and there is a stable down the road :evil::evil::evil:

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