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The Dogmother

Funky Croc type shoes

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Did I hear crocs are on BB this year, if so everyone will wear them and we'll be abit :oops: for a while. I hated them to be honest but now love them, not sure what it is but they are comfy and i think they look good in the summer, not so much winter except for slippers for me :wink:



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So Lesley is a chav with farting wellies now :shock:

I think theherd and Claret should hide...


:lol::oops: It is funny


I see I'm getting a reputation now then :roll:


I have started wearing socks in my Georgie wellies - which is a pain as i always have bare feet in my Caymans :? - but it does stop the embarrassing noises :D


You lot do make me giggle! :lol::lol::lol:

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These are my mock crocs (a little grubby :oops: ),




I bought them from the Rag Market just a fortnight ago, for a fiver, and don't ever want to take them off! I was set against crocs for ages, as they looked soooo ugly, but actually they don't look too bad at all.


I may paint a little 'croc' on the black buttons just to confuse people :)

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