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Chicken webcam

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Did anyone see the article in today's Daily Mail about the couple who have a webcam on their chickens? http://www.ourchickens.com.


I had a quick look just now before running off to Tesco, and it looks brill, must log on in daylight and see what they are up to. I noticed that they had the great idea of using some solar powered garden lights, the type you just stab into the ground to light their run.


Thye also have a map, but not the same as ours, it acts like a guest book, when you mouse over the little people you can see their names and comments. Some of them are thinking of having chooks and are worried about the mess/time/hassle/space etc they think they might have. Perhaps we ought to negotiate to have a link to Omlet on their site.....


I bet the site crashed today when everyone raced to log on!


Great PR for chooks, but he has a *shhh* wooden hen house! - perhaps the lads ought to get him an Eglu so that it's on webcam worldwide -great advertising. - now there's a thought....enough clever ideas for this time of night, can feel smoke coming out of my ears!

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