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Antipecking rings ~(and Judy)

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We I stuck one on her but I'm not sure. Proud of myself though because I did it on my own.

Anyway the reason I'm not sure its because its been 20 minutes and she can't seem to pick anything up. Could it be too big for her because shes only a mini?

Anyway I tried pushing it back more in her mouth like the diagram showed but that just leaves her catching flies


So I pushed it forward again and have left it like that



She keeps shaking her head like a dog with a rat or when theyve got a cone collar on. Shes moped around a lot. I've never seen her all hunched like that before and now I can see shes tootled off to the egly. No idea whether its to lay or just to sulk or hide


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I thought that the forward position was the correct way of wearing them, as they can still eat but not pull feathers :? I am no expert :oops: Sounds like she is sulking, am sure she will soon come round. Maybe worth tempting her out of her sulk with some treats :wink:

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Well she was in there for a good couple of hours but she did lay. Shes now prancing around as much as normal. I think shes eating shes definitely trying. I'm going to keep an eye on Betty to see if she improves as that will show if its working or not.

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