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BHWT needs your pics!

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Hi everyone


I am looking to get promotional pics of our jute bag that has sold out in just over a month. Yes it's been that popular :D8) I've just literally placed an order for a further 500, double the last order in fact!


We need pics of the bag in funny, unusual and interesting places. It may have a hen in it, a rescue girl is obviously always a winner for us. Any ideas you have and pics please send them to...



jayne.cox@bhwt.org.uk or jaynetherapy@yahoo.co.uk



Your pics will be used to promote the charity and the bag and gain awareness of the 20 million hens currently in cages.


A big thank you


Buffie/Jayne xx :D

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Buffie, am hoping to email pics of bag and friends at Kings Cross station, Science Museum and on the tube at Russell square station. Waiting for OH to send them over to me.


Have had 2 request for bags, so must get around to ordering them.


I use mine all the time, just off to the shops with it now!

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ive just ordered 4 bags, I just know the minute I walk out with one I will have half of my family "borrowing" one from me, :roll: so I may as well just order them all one!!! :wink:


typical - I cant have anything nice without everyone else nicking it!! (just like I did!!) :lol:

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