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yayyyy!!! As part of our 'beat the rat campaign' (see Damn & Blast post in Chickens) we have ordered another Eglu for our ducks to have more space in the day! It's coming a week on Tuesday.


How very exciting! OH joked last night that he wondered if we will need to order an Eglu each month now as it was getting a bit of a habit - LOL!! I am sooo looking forward to having a RED Eglu to complement our Green one. Will have to do the Eggport door swapping thing - was that Helly Welly who has done that?


:D:D(red eglu)

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I don't think Omlet could cope with delivering multicoloured cubes: plain ones are proving hard enough!


And I don't think anyone has ordered two Cubes for a DIY job: they are so expensive -- and all the people on the waiting list would want to peck them. So if you order two Cubes, you will be a trail-blazer.


(If two people got together, of course, they would only need to buy one Cube each.)

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Well, it arrived on Monday! Yayyyy. Managed to put it all together much quicker now I've done it once! Red and Green look very kewl in my garden and girls are happy at extra space now.


All on slabs with larger pen area being created on slabs too - hurrah! We *wil* beat those pesky rats... LOL!!

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