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I wonder if anyone could help us!

We live on a quiet astate and our chickens keep squarking and marching up and down to be let out. We let them out as much as we can, but they keep being noisy.

Please can anyone help. Thanx =D

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Give them something to peck....a cabbage or bunch of broccoli suspended from the roof of the run....old cd's to peck at as the light catches them.

Dried mealworns hidden in the aubiose or whatever you put in the run....for them to scratch and peck at.


Re the neighbours....resort to bribery and corruption with the occasional box of eggs. :lol:

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Our girls are most vocal when each is laying an egg, as our neighbours are unaware we have chucks, there is much shussing and sniggering as they make their racket.


When they first started I thought there must be a cat,fox or something but no ,obviously they are just telling us breakfast is ready. :lol:

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