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This is a great project for schools. Basically you apply to Planet Science for a free pack. In the pack is a wall chart, balance sheet and obviously a pack of mint (herb).

The objective is to grow the mint and sell it for the most amount of money. The school or organised group who have raised the most money will get £1,000 to improve their gardens and landscape etc. You also get to keep the money that you have raised.

You can sell the mint in any form, so mint jelly, mint sauce, basic mint, mint flavoured anything.


The competition is open to people aged between 7 and 14. It may be worth a go.

Still, if you are over the age boundary then you can still have a go. You just have to buy your own mint, make your own wallchart and record your profits on an excel sheet! :lol:


You can find out more here..



I propose that some of us forum members have a go. Would anyone be interested?

Basically we all buy a pack of mint seeds and sell it on in any shape or form, the person who makes the most money will be crowned "Mint Princess" Is anyone up for it.



1 pack of mint per entrant

Be honest


Martin :D

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