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Tuesday needs a lesson in how to lay eggs!

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Darling Tuesday, daft thing that she is, seems to be laying anywhere that takes her fancy! On the bars (so it cracks), through the bars so they split and oh, hooray, one actually in the nest box - just the one mind and then back to anywhere and everywhere! Bron has layed in the nest box from day one and never anywhere else - I just wish she would have a word with Tuesday and explain how it is meant to be done :lol:


Thankfully they are laying while I am at work so they only have access to the eglu and run. Heaven help me on the weekend when they get let out to free range earlier....

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I dont let my girlies out in the garden until after the sun moves over the yardarm or at least 1pm which ever is soonest :shock:


Just so there's a good chance that the laying is over and I dont have to go rummaging roung the garden. :?

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