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Hens on Tour

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Just a quick warning! If anyone is around Manchester tonight, especially at the Printworks - Tiger Tiger, there will be 13 mad chicks in red cowboy hats & one bride to be. The bride to be being my little sister!!!!!


God help her as I hear they do jugs of cocktail concoction!

Leaving at 5.15pm to go for a meal. Then mini bus picking us up at 7.15pm. We will get back at 3ish in the morning!


Hubby will have to let my chooks out in the morning!



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Having a lazy day today and pampering my poor dancing feet!


Do you know last night I was real proud to be a Northener. Mancunians are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo friendly! They complimented my clothes & my hair and were generally really chatty. Normally girls are "Ooops, word censored!"y & jealous. But not in Manchester.

The lads were also really sweet. As most are normally a bit vulgar & try it on with you. But again not in Manchester! They kept coming up to my sister, shaking her hand & wishing her well in her marriage! Awwwww bless. Even when I dropped a £10 note on the floor, it was scooped up and handed back to me by a very honest lad.

I was very impressed, maybe my generation were brought up properly. It's the future generations we have to fear! With no smacked bottoms anymore and children that are absolute monsters, I look forward to a world full of scally's!!!! :shock:



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