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THET ARE HERE!!!! but they won't come out of the eglu...

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THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am responsible for two fantastic looking hens who hopefully will respond to the names of Rose an Nessa!

But they arrived at about midday today , and i had prepared a toast with marmite on it, and they haven't touched it...

they just went into the eglu at some point, and now they won't come out of it....


am i doing something wrong???


they haven't touched any food either...


i'll close the eglu door when the sun's out, and pray that tomorrow is a happier day for them!!


i suppose they will come out when they are hungry...


i was so looking forward to have a chat with them...

i even shaved on a saturday!!


tomorrow i'll try the French charm...

and maybe they'll strike a few poses for me to take pictures...


What was it like for you on the first day???


Bisou a tous,


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Yann, don't worry.


It's their 1st day with you. They've had a strange day, travelling in a van, seeing grass for possibly the first time, and finding a new space age home to live in, not sure where their food is........ I would probably hide too.


Mine go to bed at this time too and are just wandering back into their eglu right now. Every night is different. It varies from 7.45pm to 9pm. I will shut my eglu door at about 9.30pm tonight and open it again tomorrow at 7am (they have to wait until I wake up unfortunately).


You can always throw a few treats in the run tomorrow. Little bit of cooked rice, cucumber, tinned sweetcorn if you have it, they will soon eat that.


Have fun tomorrow and let us know all about it.

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Glad to hear your girls have arrived safely Yan! I found that mine were a bit unsure of treats at first. usually they have only ever been given the pellets or mash so don't recognise other foods at first. Don't worry - they soon will! :lol:

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Congratulations! Your chickens have arrived. They will soon get used to their surroundings. Once one plucks up the courage to come out they all will. Plenty of treats and a bit of peace and quiet and suddenly it will sort itself out. Don't worry - you are not doing anything wrong. They are just a bit shy.

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I have just taken delivery of a new Gingernut and Pepperpot from Omlet who must be the same age as yours (maybe even sisters!).


I have three other lively hens who come rushing towards me and climb all over me if they get the chance. The new ones are a great contrast. I had forgotten just how small and timid they would be, and it is disappointing to have hens that run away from me when I come near.


And they are not pretty. Their faces are strangely pale, and they have no combs. They are really overgrown chicks who have lost their baby appeal but haven't yet acquired their grown-up good looks.


Remember that they have never seen an Eglu before. They have been living in a large shed with lots of little friends, and they are scared of everything new, including you.


Mine had to be persuaded to eat sweetcorn: they had never seen it before, but soon got the idea when I threw some loose into the run. I think sweetcorn is definitely the key to win their hearts. It is best to buy the unsalted, unsweetened variety in the large tin: Sainsbury's do the cheapest I can find. Strain it through a colander, then just give them a little in a dish at a time. If you keep it covered in the fridge, it will last two or three days: a large tin is too much for two babies.


The great thing about sweetcorn is that you can throw it about if they won't come to you. And always bring it out in the same bowl: they will soon recognize it, and they will get excited when they see it. I don't recommend using a mug, as I did at first: although it is easy to hold, if you go out into the garden later holding a cup of tea they will jump up on your arm, and that could be dangerous for you and them.


I am talking to mine through the bars of the Eglu run, and poking greens through, and they don't seem to mind that, but they won't take anything from my hand yet.


Don't worry, they will soon become more fun when they associate you with treats.

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