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dust baths & citronella

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A pic of the girls in one of their favorite spots. This was originally going to be for flowers, but the girls love this so much. . .they have taken over and that is fine if it makes them happy.


I did have to fence off a couple of spots where I started some herbs.


Today I was out reading a book and they both got up on my lap and took a nap. Loved that.


Also, someone mentioned citronella as a fly detourant. . .my girls are out so much, I'm not sure how bad the problem will be in the Eglu this summer. But since I line the tray with paper, I thought I could put a few drops on the paper.

But wanted to verify that having citronella in a small space isn't bad for the girls? I know some small animals are suseptable to respiratory issues with some essential oils, etc.


(my spelling is horrendous today. . .sorry!)

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wow John they are huge now :shock: they are getting so grown up!!


I will be interested in the response to your citronella question as I have just started using it for a week now and you've brought up a good question.


It really does work though.....much less flies in the eglu and run :)


Clarisse has fab eyes!

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