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Pepper is still pulling out Ginger's feathers! I've kept them separate for few weeks now, but as soon as they get together a bit of feather plucking happens!


I'm off on hols shortly and need to sort this out (as i need to put them both back in the eglu again!)


Do those bumper bits work? Can anyone fit them?


Need a solution asap.




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I know exactly what you mean.


One of my chooks has been pecking the other for ages now (getting her own back at long last).


We have put on bumper bits and that didnt work, have tried tea tree and oil which helped but not for long.


To be honest I have given up now and am hoping that they will sort it out. Fingers crossed anyway :roll:

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It is very easy to fit a bumper bit, and it worked well for me -- it still is working. I can't see how a hen could possibly get it out if the two prongs are pushed tightly into her nostrils.


The bit has to be inside the mouth, then it is impossible for the hen's beak to meet to do the fine tweaking needed to remove feathers. But they can eat normally, and my hen is still head of the flock.

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